Town Supervisor

Eployee Lising
Damian M. Ulatowski

Town Supervisor

Clay Town Hall
4401 State Route 31
Clay, NY 13041
United States

October 13th marked the beginning of a new administration when I was installed as the 55th Supervisor of the Town of Clay. The reigns of power were handed over to me from the strong, decisive and committed local leaders who preceded me. At the time of my installation, I swore an oath to uphold those constitutions that have helped shape and hold our Country, State and, most importantly, the Town of Clay together. As I begin my duties as supervisor, I must not forget that I am but an heir in a long succession of like-minded individuals, each who sought to make our Town a better place to live by providing good stewardship. Together with the Town Board, I pledge to move the Town of Clay confidently into the future by remembering you the citizens who have placed your faith in the government that serves you.

The above aside, this it not to say that there will not be challenges. We are faced with tough economic times taking nothing away from what the Town Board has accomplished over the past twelve months. The road ahead will press this administration to reach further to maintain the balance that supports and sustains those services that the people so richly deserve. It is not by accident that the Town of Clay has grown to become the 17th largest Town in New York State, the largest Town in Onondaga County and the 59th best place to live in the United States. On October 17th, 18th and 19th of this year, over 40 Syracuse University students from the Newhouse School of Communications, along with their instructors and journalists from many parts of the country, descended on our Town to photograph and video the people, places and activities that make Clay a great place to live, work and raise a family. In the months to come, their work will be published and made available on the World Wide Web for all to see. All of this has come from delivering good government, and I intend to continue that tradition. Together there is little we cannot accomplish if we commit to share a vision of fellowship.

As the New Year dawns, your Town Board and I will keep our promise and each of you will realize the commitment that we made to lower taxes without compromising vital services. In the shadow of that promise to deliver a 20% tax savings, we will continue to keep our streets safe, our parks places to enjoy watching our children play, our senior programs viable and our community one that is second to none.

I am ready to accept the responsibility of being your supervisor and I pledge that your voices will continue to be heard, your questions answered and your ideas considered.

~ Damian Ulatowski, Supervisor